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Academy for Eating Disorders

Note the tagline we listed above the title of this website.  It’s not just words.  On this site you will find lots of information on each of these subjects for those suffering from eating disorders, and for their families.  One of the first places you may want to try is Home/Education. On the ‘Education’ page you’ll find great information about recognizing if you really have a problem, getting help, and discussions of managing the situation.

Body trust

Be Nourished

a great site with online classes for clients and training for clinicians.   They too are great fans in intuitive eating, so we are on the same page with much of our philosophy.

“We believe that people who live compassionately in the bodies they have will change the world for everyone.”  It’s definately a good companion peice to our website.

5 core competencies

The Body Positive

An empowering website that promotes positive body image and size acceptance with activism again society’s ingrained norms.  Body Positive celebrates the unique body and person that is YOU!  The goals the site promotes center around 5 principles.  Read about them on the site.

eating disorder screening

My Body Screening

Take this free, anonymous quiz to find out if you might be at risk for an eating disorder or disordered eating patterns:

“You are stronger than your eating Disorder.”  It’s time to take control if you suspect you have a problem.

OCD Issues

International OCD Foundation

This site has a search function that helps find local OCD resources.  Many people suffering from eating disorders also have obsessive-compulsive disorder.  This is a great way to find someone who is well-informed in OCD treatment.  They also have educational resources regarding insurance, explanations of terms, learning more about OCD, location-based assistance, and many other topics.