Lynae offers a range of nutrition talks for adults, professionals, parents, and children.  Here are a few examples of topics offered, but each presentation will be tailored to your audience.


What people are saying:

“Lynae is a skilled communicator who knows how to fine tune her presentations to generate real engagement in an audience. She continually finds ways to make serious and potentially uncomfortable group discussions fun and easy. One-on-one, she is very approachable.”

– NS

“Lynae’s knowledge of health information is impressive. She keeps up-to-date on the latest trends and studies and provides sound advice on what is important . We are lucky to have Lynae as a speaker.”


“Lynae is awesome! She listened well and offered good perspectives.  She is very informative. When there was one answer she didn’t know and said she would look it up and get back to lady who asked. That was a very honest and wonderful answer! ☺ She does a good job bringing the discussion back to topic when participants go off on tangents”

– Feedback from a nutrition presentation at the 2015 PCPO Conference

                         Examples of Topics offered:                        


Diet Burnout: Are you in a love-hate relationship with food? Are you tired of feeling guilty and exhausted from years of dieting and not feeling good about your body? What does it mean to trust your body? Learn to tune in to your body’s innate ability to regulate your hunger and fullness, and begin a journey to shedding the weight of body hatred, while embracing health, no matter your body’s size or shape.


Nutrition 101: Where do I start? Learn the 5 core principles of sound nutrition as well as tips to get organized and plan balanced meals and snacks. Food should be fun, not stressful.  Embrace a non-diet approach to health and re-discover the joy of eating.


Health at Every Size:  Hear from a nutrition expert about what it means to ditch the diet, lose your scale and re-gain a healthy life. Why your view of health matters more than your weight.


Tips for Picky Eaters Do you have a picky eater? You’re not alone. Learn key strategies to help your kiddo adapt to new foods and develop healthy food habits.


Raising an Healthy Child  Are you worried about your child’s eating or body weight?  Do you have a history of dieting and worry about your child having the same pattern?  This is an overview of how lovingly pass on healthy food attitudes and body image to children in your life.