"Talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love." Brene Brown

Food is not just about food.

In my work, I recommend tools for introspection which goes far beyond recipes and shopping tips.  Because sometimes our feelings about food are really the key to unlocking healthy eating habits.  I often get asked “what should I eat?” but usually the question I want to explore with clients is: “Why do you eat the way you eat?”  Understanding the “why” behind our food choices is often the first place to start. This means understanding food rules, food preferences as well as your attitudes about your body and old dieting ideas that do more harm than good.

Here are some resources that I use with clients to tap into some of the food hang-ups that have more to do with our relationship to ourselves than to food alone.

Some websites I like:

Vancouver Farmer’s Market

Vancouver Farmer’s Market

Find Dates Locations and special events all on this site.  So many healthy wonderful foods available at the Farmer’s Market!  I like to hit it as often as possible.




Academy for Eating Disorders

On the Academy for Eating Disorders site, their tagline is:
Prevention | Treatment | Research | Education

And you will find lots of information on each of these subjects within the pages for those suffering from eating disorders, and for their families.  One of the first places you may want to try is Home/Education. On the ‘Education’ page you will find great information about recognizing if you really have a problem, getting help, and discussions of managing the situation.

Be Nourished is a great site with online classes for clients and training for clinicians.   They too are great fans in intuitive eating, so we are on the same page with much of our philosophy.  For health providers interested in learning more about eating disorders check out this podcast: Eating Disorder Resource Catalog

The Body Positive is an empowering website that promotes positive body image and size acceptance with activism again society’s ingrained norms.  Body Positive celebrates the unique body and person that is YOU!

Free Online Eating Disorder Screening Tool:  Take this free, anonymous quiz to find out if you might be at risk for an eating disorder or disordered eating patterns:

This site has a search function that helps find local OCD resources.  Many people suffering from eating disorders also have obsessive-compulsive disorder.  This is a great way to find someone who is well-informed in OCD treatment.
International OCD Foundation

Here is a great podcast you should check out.  Food Psych is all about “Intuitive Eating, Positive Body Image & Eating Disorder Recovery.”  Pretty much everything we are working on here!  Take a look at Christy Harrison’s website, or just head over to Podcasts and dig in.  On her site, she has links to subscribe in every format:  Android, iTunes, Google or Stitcher.

Another podcast I like is Every Body with Daria Matza.  This podcast is full of helpful information from experts about body image, dieting, and loving life through loving your body.

Other tools for introspection are the books I recommend
And the people I follow.  This talk by Brene Brown is great.

Nervous about seeing a nutritionist?  Here are some answers to questions you may have: FAQ: Your First Visit