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Ruby Slipper Nutritionists specializes in:

  • Personalized Nutrition
  • Weight Concerns and Positive Body Image
  • Mindfulness and Intuitive Eating
  • Peace with food, ending the diet mentality and practicing joyful eating
  • Hypertension and Heart-Healthy Eating
  • Newly Diagnosed Diabetes II, and Pre-diabetes
  • Emotional Eating and Binge Eating

 Lynae Klyingsmith Registered DietitionWe now have two, soon to be three nutritionists working at Ruby Slippers Wellness.  Let us help you develop a healthy, positive relationship with food, yourself and your body!

Phone: +1 (503) 310-8694


Thanks, it will be great working together!

My office is conveniently located in Vancouver just off of I-5.  For more about my nutrition approach, click here or check out FAQ and this explanation of intuitive eating, which is really what we are all about.  Tessa is closer in to the Portland area.  Here’s a map and her pic.

Here’s one client’s feedback from his experience:

I’ve talked to so many nutritionists on my journey and none of them got through to me the way you did.  I think about your words all the time, when I pack healthy snacks in the morning, when I shop for groceries, when I go out to eat.  So why did your approach work when other dietitians left me flat? I think questions you use resonated with me.  You made me feel that ultimately I was in charge of my own choices. That sounds silly right? Of course, I decide what’s best for me. But that’s just it. Often I think back then I felt powerless to control my own habits. But something happened in our sessions. For the first time, it was if a curtain had been pulled back showing me the food world for the first time. I started to see, feel and understand the correlation of the eating choices I made (even the small ones) and the impact on my daily life. I’m so, so grateful. Motivating others, I mean really doing that, is a special gift that you have Lynae. Food education is great stuff but in the end, it takes showing people that they can take control that counts. I’m a believer!


Meet Beyla:  nutrition dog!

Beyla will occasionally be in the office during sessions.

If you have dog allergies or prefer to not be around dogs, please let Lynae know.




My Office:


Vancover office exterior


Lynae Klinginsmith is a Pacific Northwest native who loves all things food. She uses an intuitive eating approach for everything from diabetes to emotional eating and hypertension to body image concerns. Combining the principles of nutritional awareness, personal growth, and positive psychology, Ruby Slippers Wellness provides practical methods for redefining the role food plays in our lives. Lynae incorporates humor and empathy in her no-nonsense, non-diet approach. Lynae serves the greater Portland area from her office in Vancouver, WA. Nutritionist by day, she is a biking, dog loving, traveling, dancing, yogi by night.

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