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Natalie Murphy, RDN, LD

Intuitive Eating Nutritionist, Weight Concerns, Eating Disorders, Diabetes

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Are you struggling with finding peace in your body? Are you newly diagnosed with diabetes and want help with nutrition? Are you ready to make peace with the scale? Natalie is here to help. You can have a peaceful relationship with food–freeing you to focus on all the other essential areas of your life.

Natalie, like all of the nutritionists at Ruby Health and Wellness, encourages clients to ditch the diets and rely on the body’s natural cues to tell them when to eat. Instead of counting calories or carbs, she encourages people to use hunger and fullness signals. Getting back to basics helps clients realize that eating shouldn’t be a battle or stressful. Clients can use the energy and focus previously spent on dieting on more useful pursuits. The world opens up!

Here is what one client has to say about working with Natalie:

When I first started looking for a nutritionist, I was thinking it was going to be more of a weight watchers experience with a plan and calorie counting to follow. I was delighted when it wasn’t this. I was looking for ways to help me lose weight, and this did happen a little for me. More importantly, I think overall I came away with a more natural interaction with food and eating and feeling better about cooking and enjoying my food more. All great things. Refreshing not to be stuck in a calorie counting mentality anymore but to be able to go about my day and eat when I need to.
I liked that it is an organic process of exploring my relationship with food. Our sessions were a chance for me to think out loud and then you were able to pinpoint ideas and offer experiments and suggestions that could allow me to understand better my relationship with food which was valuable.
 – A client, GW


After earning a bachelor’s degree in food science and nutrition at Colorado State University in 2005, Natalie quickly realized that a degree was only a stepping stone. The concepts of balance and moderation that were the basis of her education seldom stood up to the diet and weight loss messages so pervasive in today’s society.

Previous Experience

As a registered dietitian nutritionist for twelve years, Natalie feels fortunate to have worked as a clinical dietitian at Longmont United Hospital in Colorado,  as a member of an eating disorders treatment team at the Wardenburg Health Center, the University of Colorado in Boulder, and as a nutritionist in private practice. In addition to helping clients heal from disordered eating, she also helps clients manage cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and digestive challenges.

“I did not know what a dietitian did or what to expect. I thought I would get a meal plan but this was not necessary for​ the work I did. In the work I did with Natalie, I was able to get to the bottom of many of the myths I’ve been told about nutrition. It allowed me to challenge the list of rules I was placing on myself that lead to my eliminating many foods I once enjoyed. The permission to eat foods I enjoy helped decrease bingeing on them and targeted the shame cycle that was happening. Thank you.” -client SL


Natalie is excited to help people tap into what they may already know about themselves and shine a light on areas they may not be aware of. Together you will explore “good food/bad food” rules, hunger and fullness signaling, and reasons eating may happen in response to emotions. You will get curious instead of critical. Make peace with the plate, with food, and with the body, one step at a time.

“The nutrition work we did together changed my life. I am so grateful for you helping me overcome my shame and confusion about food. Our work was everything I needed at a very difficult time in my life. I felt I got more than I expected out of our sessions. I thought you’d tell me what to eat to be healthy but you guided me to look beyond the food and look at deeper reasons why non-hunger eating was taking place. I learned that why I was eating was more than just about the food and more about coping with feelings. I feel free about food for the first time.”
-Natalie’s Client TB

When she is not at Ruby Health and Wellness, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family. She feels most alive when she is learning new ways to move the body. Her current favorites are yoga and aerial silks.

Favorite Quotes

“If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream.” -unknown

“The best vitamin to be a happy person is B1.” – anonymous

Favorite Self-Care Practices

When asked about her self-care practices, this is what Natalie said:
I find self-care to be one of the most critical parts of the day. It impacts the way I show up in the world and how I interact with others. Right now getting out for a short walk in the middle of my workday seems to help me refresh and regroup. I love picking my daughter up from school in the afternoon and giving myself a nightly foot massage. Most days I find a 10-minute meditation helps reset the brain. However, some days this happens easier than others. Weekend yoga class is my favorite mind/body relax. I’d love to do yoga during the week too! I keep striving toward this constant intention!

Natalie Murphy, RDN, LD
Intuitive Eating Nutritionist

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