Joyful Eating: Intuitive Eating Meet Up Group

Have you given up hope on ever loving your body or feeling OK with food?

This Meet Up group is for all people who want to change the way they eat but get stuck somewhere between what they want to put in their mouths and what they actually put in their mouths.

In my Meet Up Group we get together and talk about food, weight, nutrition and health from the question: “what does health mean for me?” This is a personal journey toward health that involves leaving behind obsessive food thoughts and focusing on what works. What IS working?  So often we believe we need to lose weight or perhaps get fit, or overcome health symptoms before we allow ourselves a positive body image, and a more fulfilled life. However these beliefs only serve to perpetuate stress, compulsive behaviors and poor health.

Check out:  Joyful Eating: An Intuitive Eating Wellness Group to join.

Meetings are held in Vancouver, WA unless otherwise noted.  If you  are interested in holding a Meet Up at your home or another location, please contact Lynae directly.

Here’s what [su_highlight background=”#9e1d20″]Carmen[/su_highlight] had to say:

When I heard the phrase “intuitive eating,” I immediately felt this could be something that would help me. We don’t talk about diets or food regimens, but about how we emotionally relate to food. In today’s meeting, with Lynae’s support, I recognized feelings of deprivation that were leading overeating a particular food. So I gained awareness about that, and with a homework assignment, I’m developing a different relationship with it. As someone who has been on and off diets most of my life, I thought I had heard it all or knew it all, but this really is a different approach.



Lynae Klinginsmith is a Pacific Northwest native who loves all things food. She uses an intuitive eating approach for everything from diabetes to emotional eating and hypertension to body image concerns. Combining the principles of nutritional awareness, personal growth, and positive psychology, Ruby Slippers Wellness provides practical methods for redefining the role food plays in our lives. Lynae incorporates humor and empathy in her no-nonsense, non-diet approach. Lynae serves the greater Portland area from her office in Vancouver, WA. Nutritionist by day, she is a biking, dog loving, traveling, dancing, yogi by night.

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