How do I get on the schedule?

Call 503-310-8694 to talk to Lynae and she can answer questions and get you set up with an appointment. We offer a free 15-min “meet the nutritionist” appointment for new clients.


What can I expect on the first visit?

We’ll talk about what you want to work toward with your health and food goals.  We’ll explore your health history, relationship with certain foods, what foods you like and don’t like and what nutrition goals will work best for you..  We’ll develop a wellness vision and get you started on that path.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

Please bring your photo ID and insurance card if you’d like to use insurance.  Paperwork is electronic and can be filled out ahead of time. If you prefer paper copies, please arrive 30min early to complete paperwork.

How long do we meet?

Sessions are 50 minutes.

What days/times can I schedule a session?

Natalie sees clients Mon-Thurs 9am-2pm

Lynae sees clients Mon-Thurs 2pm-6pm and some Friday mornings.

Tessa sees clients Mon 4-8pm, and 9am-5pm on Wed and Thurs.

How often will we meet?

To get started, most clients do weekly appointments for about a month.  Each person is different though and we can discuss what works best for you and set up a plan in your first session.

Do you bill insurance?

Yes.  See the insurance page for more details.

How much does it cost if I'm paying out-of-pocket?

$120 per session

What if I'm embarrassed about how I eat?

We strive to provide a safe and non-judgmental environment for you to explore your food concerns. We won’t be labeling foods “good” or “bad”. In fact, my clients frequently report significantly reduced shame around food after working together.

Is there parking nearby?

Yes, there is plenty of free on-sight parking.

Are you LBGTQ friendly?

Absolutely, we enjoy working with people of all genders, any sexual orientation, religious or cultural background.  

A black transgender woman relaxes

Will you collaborate with other medical providers?

Yes, we prefer to collaborate with your other providers to ensure you get the highest quality of care. Those struggling with eating disorders need a “team” which hopefully includes, a dietitian, therapist, and primary care provider. If you need help finding the support we can offer local referrals.

Will you talk to my family?

For clients under the age of 18 it will be important to have family involved with the first session and to touch base with them along the way.  For clients 18 and over it’s up to you how it may be helpful to include a partner, family member or roommate.

What happens if I need to reschedule or cancel?

Please give at least 48 hours to reschedule or cancel.  The late cancellation fee is $55. By scheduling an appointment, you are making a commitment not only to your health, but to your nutritionist as well. We appreciate your consideration in this regard.  If there is inclement weather we will close the office if local schools are closed.

What do the initials RND, LD, CD mean?

RDN stands for Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  It is a national credential for nutrition specialists.

LD licensed dietitian in the state of Oregon

CD certified dietitian in the state of Washington

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you nervous about your first visit to a nutritionist?  No worries.  These questions might answer some of the concerns you might have.

About Me

Lynae Klingingsmith is the owner and founder of Ruby Slippers wellness. Her crusade is to empower people to embrace who they are, free from diets. She encourages all to tap into their inner strength and not base your self-image on size.