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Making Peace

From my journey to make peace I did not get what I hoped for, but what I got is nothing short of a miracle. It didn’t come to me with great fanfare. In fact, I barely noticed at all. I read Health at Every Size several years ago after 35 years of the diet/weight gain […]

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Joyful Eating: Intuitive Eating Meet Up Group

Have you given up hope on ever loving your body or feeling OK with food? This Meet Up group is for all people who want to change the way they eat but get stuck somewhere between what they want to put in their mouths and what they actually put in their mouths. In my Meet Up Group […]

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They Lost More than Pounds

The recent article in the New York Times about The Biggest Loser has sparked a lot of conversation and debate. Contestants on the show not only gained back the weight lost during the show, but years later have a much slower metabolism. I think it impresses upon us more than just “diets don’t work”, it […]

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