Lynae Klinginsmith, Nutritionist

Meet Lynae:

Lynae Klinginsmith is a Pacific Northwest Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist who loves all things food! She graduated with a BS in Nutrition in 2007. Since then she’s worn many hats as a nutritionist for children, hospital dietitian, a diabetes educator, health teacher in schools, personal cook, workplace wellness program coordinator, and eating disorder nutritionist. She started a private practice in 2014 to help individuals and families find peace with food, their bodies and discover intuitive eating.

In 2017 she changed the name of her practice to “Ruby Slippers Wellness” to capture the deeply held truth that the power to “come home” to health is within each one of us. She currently works with clients from a gentle nutrition approach. This includes working with clients on diabetes management to emotional eating and hypertension to weight and body image concerns. Combining the principles of nutritional awareness, personal growth, and positive psychology, Ruby Slippers Wellness provides practical methods for redefining the role food plays in our lives. Lynae incorporates humor and empathy in her no-nonsense, non-diet approach.

Lynae serves the greater Portland area from her office in Vancouver, WA where she sees clients. A nutritionist by day, she is a biking, dog loving, traveling, dancing, yogi by night.

Lynae’s guidance will help you reconnect to your hunger cues instead of using food for comfort.  You can get off the diet treadmill for good and pay attention to your body’s natural hunger signals.  Lynae can help you make peace with food and develop a healthy body image.

Come home to the life-giving, wholesome nature of food, instead of battling with it.

What people are saying:

“Thanks Lynae.  I have never felt that I am on a “diet” since I started this journey. I have made a life style change and it’s working! Yipeeee! Thanks for all you did to get me started, you made something in my little mind click. When you go to bed tonight know this one thing: you made a difference in someone’s life. Mine. For that I thank you.” C.P.


Meet Tessa:

Tessa Komine is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is passionate about helping people build a positive relationship with food through reconnecting with the body’s own internal wisdom. Originally from Massachusetts, Tessa got her BS at Northeastern University.  She earned a Master of Science in Food Science & Human Nutrition from Colorado State University, completing her dietetic internship at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.


Tessa has a range of experience in dietetics and is particularly passionate about helping people to recover from eating disorders. She has experience treating individuals of all ages at various levels of care including partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient care. Additionally, Tessa has worked closely with individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and other health concerns, such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, renal disease, and history of drug/alcohol abuse. She takes a sensitive approach to challenges such as food insecurity and strives to deliver individualized nutrition care to each of her clients. She also has experience leading groups focused on nutrition and cultivating a healthy relationship with food. She particularly enjoys helping others put their knowledge into practice through “hands-on” activities like cooking classes, grocery store tours and meal/snack support.


Tessa strives to help individuals cultivate a healthy relationship with food through balanced and intuitive eating. She helps her clients promote positive behavior change and provides guidance to help them overcome any challenges along the way. She utilizes a Health at Every Size®, weight-inclusive, non-diet approach in her nutrition counseling that takes all aspects of health into consideration. Tessa aims to help others establish healthy eating patterns by exploring balance, moderation, and flexibility with a variety of foods.


In her free time, Tessa enjoys partner dancing, running, volunteering, listening and playing music, cooking, and learning new things! A self-proclaimed foodie, she loves being able to explore new places by tasting local cuisines. She particularly enjoys a warm cup of tea or coffee and is never without her supply of peanut butter.


Meet Natalie:

After earning her bachelor’s degree in food science and nutrition at Colorado State University in 2005, Natalie quickly realized that a degree was only a stepping stone. The concepts of balance and moderation that were the basis of her education seldom stood up to the diet and weight loss messages so pervasive in today’s society.

Over the years she says she found that there are “ways to walk the path of health that doesn’t involve dieting.” Natalie is grateful for the pioneers of Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size, and Motivational Interviewing for introducing compassionate and non-judgmental ways to achieve whole health. These practices strongly influence her work with clients to develop a healthy relationship with food. Instead of focusing on body weight, the focus is on harmonizing the body’s attunement.

As a registered dietitian nutritionist for twelve years, she has worked as a clinical dietitian at Longmont United Hospital in Colorado,  as a member of an eating disorders treatment team at the Wardenburg Health Center, the University of Colorado in Boulder, and as a nutritionist in private practice. In addition to helping clients heal from disordered eating, she also help clients manage cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and digestive challenges.

She is excited to work together with clients to tap into what you may already know about yourself and shine a light on areas you may not be aware of. Together Natalie and her clients explore “good food/bad food” rules, hunger and fullness signaling, and reasons eating may happen in response to emotions. As a team, you will get curious instead of critical. Make peace with the plate, with food, and with the body, one step at a time.

When Natalie is not at Ruby Slippers Wellness she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and says she feels most alive when “I am learning new ways to move the body”. Her current favorites are yoga and aerial silks.



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