Lynae Klinginsmith, Nutritionist

Meet the Lynae:

Lynae Klinginsmith is a Pacific Northwest Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist who loves all things food! She graduated with a BS in Nutrition in 2007. Since then she’s worn many hats as a nutritionist for children, hospital dietitian, a diabetes educator, health teacher in schools, personal cook, workplace wellness program coordinator, and eating disorder nutritionist. She started a private practice in 2014 to help individuals and families find peace with food, their bodies and discover intuitive eating.

In 2017 she changed the name of her practice to “Ruby Slippers Wellness” to capture the deeply held truth that the power to “come home” to health is within each one of us. She currently works with clients from a gentle nutrition approach. This includes working with clients on diabetes management to emotional eating and hypertension to weight and body image concerns. Combining the principles of nutritional awareness, personal growth, and positive psychology, Ruby Slippers Wellness provides practical methods for redefining the role food plays in our lives. Lynae incorporates humor and empathy in her no-nonsense, non-diet approach.

Lynae serves the greater Portland area from her office in Vancouver, WA. A nutritionist by day, she is a biking, dog loving, traveling, dancing, yogi by night.

Lynae’s guidance will help you reconnect to your hunger cues instead of using food for comfort.  You can get off the diet treadmill for good and pay attention to your body’s natural hunger signals.  Lynae can help you make peace with food and develop a healthy body image.

Come home to the life-giving, wholesome nature of food, instead of battling with it.

What people are saying:

“Thanks Lynae.  I have never felt that I am on a “diet” since I started this journey. I have made a life style change and it’s working! Yipeeee! Thanks for all you did to get me started, you made something in my little mind click. When you go to bed tonight know this one thing: you made a difference in someone’s life. Mine. For that I thank you.” C.P.